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14 – 27 @ $23.50

28 – 111 @ $21

112 & Up @$20

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Buddies Death Bubba Shatter

(23 customer reviews)

$30.00 $27.00

Buddies Death Bubba Shatter now available at Buddies Canada! Death Bubba is an indica strain of shatter by Buddies Canada! Check the description for bulk pricing!

Availability: In stock

Buddies Death Bubba Shatter now available at Buddies Canada! Death Bubba is an indica strain of shatter by Buddies Canada!

Bulk Pricing:

1-13 @ $30/g

14-55 @ $26/g

56-111 @ $23/g

112-139 @ $22/g

140-224 @ 21/g

23 reviews for Buddies Death Bubba Shatter

  1. bott1597 (verified owner)

    suspiciously “very sweet tasting “

  2. BuddieID_02029 (verified owner)

    Taste like mold…. almost puke after a dab..

  3. BuddieID_00379 (verified owner)

    I had a great batch of this. No complaints.

  4. Matthew

    1 word, AMAZING , I’ve bought a gram of this deadly strain and there’s nothing bad to say about it except that it wasn’t stable which i don’t mind at all but some do ,it has that interesting berry almost sour taste at the end which is stunning ,whether you get .1 or .5g dabs it will still have that sweet taste and it wont hurt your throat like the blackberry kush does ,if you get your’e self some of this there’s no way in hell that you cloud be disappointed except when you run out -MatVlogger

  5. BuddieID_00873

    Big fan of this one.

  6. BuddieID_01295 (verified owner)

    Taste like, well…., actually Im going to have one more just to be sure my temp was right on the glass…… Ok… Im… baked!

    Taste 4/10 – Not very good
    Looks 5/10 – Clear but dark
    High 9/10 – Delivers a good high
    Snap 5/10 – Does it break and handle easy. If your house is cold yes.

  7. BuddieID_02364 (verified owner)

    Plus mou que cassant asser foncer mais pour le prix c est bien resemble pas mal au autre shatter meilleur que le bigbang

  8. BuddieID_00625 (verified owner)

    Dark and earthy heavy hitter.

  9. BuddieID_00189 (verified owner)

    i had a bad batch & the name did not match the product
    taste 4/10
    high 6/10
    smell 2/10

  10. BuddieID_001422 (verified owner)

    great high, really effective against stress great taste

  11. BuddieID_00939 (verified owner)

    Good midgrade shatter. No complaints!.

  12. BuddieID_00886 (verified owner)

    I felt like this was my least favourite of buddies selection…

  13. BuddieID_00094 (verified owner)

    good high, nice taste. would get again

  14. BuddieID_01422 (verified owner)

    really good strain, strong physical high would buy again

  15. BuddieID_00607 (verified owner)

    Good but little dark

  16. BuddieID_02853 (verified owner)

    Great for bed time. Usually a regular pick up for myself

  17. BuddieID_02856 (verified owner)

    Buddies shatter is amazing for the price

  18. BuddieID_02717 (verified owner)

    Smells sooo good and tastes even better

  19. Buzinet (verified owner)

    I was a first timer at Buddies so I got what I knew and got some phyto, I decided to give buddies shatter a try and got one pack of this Death Bubba Shatter and I wish I only got buddies shatter… So terpy, smells great! Taste great. Looks great won’t be my last order !

  20. yev (verified owner)

    Crystalline, very good. i heat a bead, spread it on paper and roll with tobacco. Great smoke.

  21. G (verified owner)

    Great for taking a nap!!!

  22. Baleze15 (verified owner)

    Really sweet and taste good. Nice price too!

  23. BuddieID_00747 (verified owner)

    Why did i just buy this for the first time jeesus im stupid ill buy again

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