Moby Dick the Green Leviathan

Make a Splash With the White Whale, Moby Dick

Moby dick

The current flag ship of the Buddies Canada Sativa flower line, Moby Dick is possibly the hardest hitting sativa we have ever grown.  The light green leafy buds produced by this crop have a sweet citrus smell rivalling that of its predecessor Congo (an all time Buddies favourite).  Followed by an Piney aftertaste the taste of these smooth smoking buds make this a whale of a smoke, a real tasty treat.  Although the crop turn around of this beauty is quicker than most sativas and the yield is high due to bulkier buds than expected,  growing Moby Dick is no walk in the park.  The chunky offspring of classic Haze– from which it gets its sweet smell–and the White Widow–contributor to its bulk and light coloration–requires constant attention.  Painstaking grooming during the formative weeks make Moby one of the needier plants we have worked with, but in this case the juice is certainly worth the squeeze!

Taste and Effects

Complex doesn’t begin to describe the intricate palate of the white whale.  The citrus smell over powers the more subtle–yet noticable– herbal vanilla aromas.  Taste-wise Moby Dick is more balanced.  The sweet lemon-orange flavour works perfectly in tandem with the trailing pine and tinge of earth that rounds out the exhale.  During our smoke session vanilla and hints of tea-tree were mentioned. Although Moby Dick is a sativa (and it is easily noticed in the mental stimulation felt throughout the high) do not take it lightly!  The White Widow half of this cross brings with it the fully weight of its power.  While sativa strains are often suggested as “daytime” smoke, we would advise Moby Dick be used responsibly if there is task at hand.  Relaxing into the euphoric state brought on by the early punch before falling into the focus is a great combatant to stress and depression–just be prepared for the late looming body high.  Have a beverage handy to combat the potential dry mouth and you’re ready to enjoy this wonderful strain brought to you by Buddies Canada.  Tried Moby Dick already? Let us know what you think!

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