cannabis tinctures
cannabis tinctures


Cannabis Tinctures for Safe Easy Dosing

Tips for Using Cannabis Tinctures

The popularity of cannabis tinctures is rising in states where marijuana is legal, and this is understandable, as tinctures were how cannabis was sold in pharmacies across the United States before prohibition of the herb came into effect. Also known as the gold or green dragon, cannabis tinctures are easy-to-use liquid extracts that are made with alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerin.

With the rise of CBD’s benefits becoming more and more apparent with new research becoming available, tinctures are emerging as the most popular way to get the wonder of Cannabidiol into your live. There are many CBD benefits out there!

Cannabis tinctures are a great method of consumption for both medical and recreational users who want to avoid smoking or don’t like the intensity of ingesting marijuana-infused products. Tinctures are also a good choice for children or adults who want to try cannabis for the first time because they are easy to administer in small doses. If you’ve chosen to try some for yourself, here we offer eight tips for using cannabis tinctures. Enjoy!

1. The best way to use a cannabis tincture is to take in the drops directly under your tongue, as this absorbs the mixture directly into your bloodstream for almost instantaneous effects.

2. The taste of your cannabis tincture can be altered by diluting it slightly with natural flavouring.  High quality tincs (like the ones found at Buddies Canada ) are flavoured using hemp terpenes and/or all natural fruit flavouring.

3. Avoiding eating or drinking for at least 15 minutes after taking your cannabis tincture for the best results.

4. Add your cannabis tincture to meals and drinks like sauces, smoothies, salad dressings, soups, and sherberts as an alternative to taking a dose under your tongue.

5. Add 1-2 droppers full of your cannabis tincture to an 8 oz. Cup of warm water to make an instant tea.

6. Take great care to keep the mouth of the glass dropper for your cannabis tincture clean to avoid impurities contaminating the batch with mold. Don’t ever touch it to your mouth, your bare hands, or an unsterilized surface.

7. Store your cannabis tinctures in a cool, dark, and dry place, and they will last you for years.

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  1. BuddieID_01341

    I got my hands on the new Elixr and Releaf CBD tincs from buddies and they are great! Reccomend the Bacopa Watermelon Tinc by Releaf! This is the same ingredient joe rogans onnit alphabrain uses for cognitive function with the power of CBD. What else is great is if you look at the other tinctures on buddies they have half the amount of CBD in them and are almost same price!

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