regulate pot to help eliminate crime

Home Grows to Help Regulate Pot, Quell Black Market

Will Regulated Pot Displace and Home Grows Eliminate the Back Market? “The government has been clear that provinces and territories are able to make additional restrictions on personal cultivation but that it is critically important to permit personal cultivation in order to support the government’s objective of displacing the illegal market.” Is the response the

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uruguay legal pot shortage

Legal Pot Shortage In Uruguay, Struggle to keep up.

Uruguay Pot Shortage as 1st Nation to Legalize Pot Struggles to Keep Up With Demand Montevideo, Uruguay — Laura Andrade recently walked out of a pharmacy in Uruguay cursing loudly because she couldn’t buy legal pot. The wine sommelier had taken a bus since pharmacies in her neighborhood don’t sell the drug, but a pharmacy

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Apothecary labs Cannabis Infused Organic Coconut Oil
Cannabis Profile

Apothecary Labs Handcrafted THC Infusions

Apothecary Labs One of our founders grew up in Vienna, spending her days in her Grandmother’s Apothecary, watching her heal people with custom formulated tinctures and healing herbs. From that came an understanding of the power of the natural healing model. Apothecary Labs was created when like minded individuals came together with the same passion

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July first not realistic to legalize marijuana

Here’s why they won’t legalize marijuana on July 1st.

The federal government’s much-debated legislation to Legalize Marijuana is being punted back to the Senate. It was confirmed on Wednesday, with a few key changes in its wording and a stern warning from the prime minister that Conservative senators should quit playing “games.”  What this means, in practical terms, is that the parliamentary wrangling over Bill

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Live Resin

Terp Sauce : Time To Get Your Terp On

What Is ‘Terp Sauce’? Most experienced concentrate users or ‘dabbers’ can agree that Terp Sauce or ‘terp juice’ is among the most potent forms of cannabis on the market.  High THC level shoulder much of the load for the upgraded potency of terp sauce but the addition terpenes and cannabinoids to the final product is what

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cbd ingestion

CBD Ingestion methods : How to Take CBD

Which Method of CBD Ingestion Best Suits Your Needs? Picking your CBD product If you are like most consumers with an interest in cannabis, you have seen ‘CBD products’ popping up everywhere in recent years.  With so much variety it can be difficult to make sense of which CBD ingestion method is best for what. CBD,

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