benefits of rosin
THC concentrates

7 Amazing Benefits of Rosin

7 Amazing Benefits of Rosin Looking for potent, and pure cannabis extracts?  Consider pressed marijuana. The benefits of rosin are well documented, from health to versatility. In recent years, rosin has become popular among cannabis patients and enthusiasts alike Featuring a sticky consistency, similar to sap, rosin is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. When made

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doctor marijuana Pepsi vandyck
Cannabis Profile

Marijuana Pepsi: Doctor’s Success Story

Dr Marijuana Pepsi: The woman who refused to let her bullies win Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck says she spent her life being made fun of because of her distinctive name. But instead of changing it she decided to be proud of the name she was given and refuse to let it hold her back. The 46-year-old

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canada blew chance to be pot leader

Canada Blew Chance to Be  the World’s Pot Leader

Canada Blew Chance to Be  the World’s Pot Leader Canada blew chance on it’s cannabis legalization and is rapidly losing ground to the U.S. as a result, according to the founder of one of the top investment bankers to the industry. A lack of policy innovation, a messy patchwork of provincial regulations and severe restrictions

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marijuana conviction leads to late ban
Marijuana News

Marijuana Possession Conviction From Past Rears It’s Head

How a marijuana possession at 18 got a man banned at the U.S. border — 37 years later A marijuana possession conviction from nearly four decades ago has lead to a Canadian man suffering a life time ban from America. The four teenagers were relieved to see the police car, at least at first. It

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new product

Gelato Ultimate Summer Time Strain

Gelato Is The Ultimate Summer Strain With summer just around the corner the perfect strain is the refreshing sweet citrus Gelato!  Also referred to as “Larry Bird”, Gelato hails from the cookie family of genetics.  The parents of this well rounded flower include Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  Interestingly, Sherbert (bred by a

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medical marijuana baby boomers

Medical Marijuana Causes Tenfold Increase in use by Baby Boomers

Medical Marijuana use among baby boomers rose tenfold over decade as seniors seek out pot for medical treatment Medical marijuana use among seniors in the U.S. rose tenfold over a decade as more baby boomers use it to treat a range of ailments, including pain, anxiety and depression, according to a University of Colorado study.

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