best workout strains
best workout strains


The Best Workout Strains To Kick Up Exercise

Best Workout Strains

Marijuna has unfairly been given a reputation of inducing laziness and unwillingess to participate in activities.  While the beloved classic hippy stoner persona does exist,  its unfair and silly to not acknowledge that many marijuana users are active and outdoorsy.  Not only does cannabis offer strains that won’t leave you couch-locked,  there are actually a number of pre workout strains that can improve your exercise experience.  A light, energy enhancing Sativa or mellow hybrid can be just what your activity needs to bring it to the next level!

Silver Haze

Silver Haze is a sativa that will leave you feeling a strong mental sharpness that will give you laser focus for accomplishing your workout. For people who are cautious about the anxiety-inducing effects of stronger sativas, this one is for you.

Silver Haze gives you the brain boost of sativas without the anxious-hyper feeling. Use this one for a low-intensity workout, such as a jog or a yoga session. Silver Haze could also be great for a warmup!


Harlequin is another sativa that is great for people who want the head high of a sativa without feeling too overwhelmed. She is known to have a lower THC percentage, which can be great for people who may want more focus for their motor coordination during their workout.

This strain is also special for higher-than-normal CBD amount, which can be great for fighting pain and muscle fatigue. That would also make this strain a good option for a post-workout session.

Harlequin will make you feel clear-headed and light on your feet, making it one of the best workout strains.

Train Wreck

Don’t let the name fool you, this strain isn’t going to cause you to crash. Quite the opposite —  Train Wreck is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers heavy euphoric vibes and a social energy.

This strain is good for your fitness routine because it will make you feel happy and motivated to take on your goals, one step at a time. It isn’t too overpowering, leaving you enough mental control to go about your day and be productive. It smells delicious too.

Durban Poison

Named after some city you’ve probably never been to, Durban Poison is a powerful sativa strain that will have you uplifted, alert, and ready to do anything.

Do you remember how we mentioned other strains not being too overpowering? Yeah, well this one can be that type. Durban Poison will pick you up and make you go do things. This strain is not one for sitting down — it’s for being up and moving your body.

Which makes Durban Poison one of the best workout strains there is. Spark up this baby and throw on your workout playlist and you’ll do whatever you wanted to do and more.


Leafly Chocolope sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly Chocolope sativa cannabis strain effects

My go-to favorite for staying active, Chocolope is a fiercely cerebral strain whose uplifting effects will keep motivation flying high. Its earthy flavor pairs perfectly with coffee, and it just so happens that the strain’s energizing effects complement each other nicely. Long touted as the perfect “wake-and-bake” strain, Chocolope will leave you feeling unencumbered and motivated to take that long hike or hit the gym.

Green Crack

Leafly Green Crack sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly Green Crack sativa cannabis strain effects

I had to do it. I had to include Green Crack because despite having an eyebrow-raising name, this sativa is a godsend for those of us who need a giant kick in the butt to get active. Though the raciness of its high can be too much for the paranoia-prone, imbibing this sativa in a comfortable setting yields astonishingly stimulating effects. You’ll find your body humming with liveliness, fueling your desire to get out with friends and lose yourself to nonstop laughing fits.

Ghost Train Haze

Leafly Ghost Train Haze sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly Ghost Train Haze sativa cannabis strain effects

This speedy strain is best saved for cannabis veterans and heavyweights. With a THC content high enough to put this strain on our list of strongest strains, you can count on quite the euphoric ride when you hop aboard the Ghost Train. For those of you who can hang with this extra-potent sativa, expect a trippy buzz that inspires appreciation of your surroundings, especially while outdoors.


Leafly Jillybean hybrid cannabis strain tile Leafly Jillybean hybrid cannabis strain effects

The moment you unscrew the lid on Jillybean’s jar, the room fills with a sweet fragrance of oranges, honeyed mangoes, and sweet wildflowers. The aromatherapy provided by Jillybean is just a bonus to the uplifting effects that make your mind soar with newfound inspiration.

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    Interesting strains. I’ve never heard of jellybean hybrid. It takes a lot of testing before u can really tell how a strain will effect you unless its indica or sativa.

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